Streamlining Machine Connectivity with Enclosure-less I/O Systems

By Ray DiVirgilio, Field Solutions Manager, Lumberg Automation

As manufacturing automation strategies embraced Design for Manufacturability (DFM), new automation technology advances and investments in industrial control systems for equipment, machinery and infrastructure led to distributed I/O, and, now, to enclosure-less I/0. While quick disconnect connectors and enclosure-less I/O systems have been available for years, new industrial designs often still use enclosure-based strategies for I/O. These older, centralized enclosure come at a high price: the vast amount of cabling required to connect remote equipment to the terminations in the enclosure.

This paper explores the impacts connectivity and cabling have had on streamlining equipment and machinery, and the tradeoffs between enclosure-based systems and enclosure-less based I/O systems. It offers guidelines and application examples for use in determining when it makes sense to employ the streamlining capabilities of enclosure-less I/O.

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