The Road to Plug-and-Produce: Designing a Dynamic, interoperable Compact Field Level Networking and Control Infrastructure for the Factory of the Future
This paper addresses:
  • Why plug-and-produce is important for meeting the challenges of increased global competition and enabling applications for Industrie 4.0 / Industrial Internet of Things
  • How to design a field-level plug-and-produce system, including an example schematic
  • Three implementation pitfalls to avoid
  • The evolution of Distributed Control Units (DCUs) including their role as edge-cloud controllers
  • How Belden's new line of compact field-level devices meets the needs of today and tomorrow

Maintaining Reliability and Uptime of Critical Connected Systems in Industrial Settings
This paper addresses:
  • The Challenges of Connectivity in Industrial Settings
  • Protecting Cordsets and Cabling Components in Industrial Settings
  • Achieving Peace of Mind: What to Look For in a Connector
  • Wash-Down Connectors at Work
  • How Do You Know if You're in Need of Wash-Down Connectors?
  • Conclusion and References

Streamlining Machine Connectivity with Enclosure-less I/O Systems
This paper addresses:
  • Enclosure vs. enclosure~less: Benefits of an Enclosure-based System
  • Enclosure~less ROI: Big Returns and Less Headaches
  • Industrial Strength: Ingress Protection and NEMA
  • Enclosure~less Deployment: Components to an Enclosure~less System
  • Applications, Summary, and References

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